of Maine  



Put your message on display everyday where the buying decision begins...


With the Town Planner, your shelf life is 365 days

  • IMAGINE the exposure!
  • IMAGINE the sales power and your bottom line!
  • IMAGINE the long term results!

Stretch your promotion dollars and have them work year round on one of Maine's soon-to-be most unique and favorite publications. 

Get involved with your local community through the Town Planner of Maine.

  • We can build community identity.
  • We can promote special events and services.
  • We can build and increase customer traffic.

Building name recognition is critical for your business success. Thus, placing your ad where everyone can see it DAILY just makes perfect sense. No other media comes close to generating the number of impressions for you, dollar for dollar, here in your community, as does the Town Planner of Maine.

For Marketing Options other than with the Town Planner of Maine, visit our "Mainely Maine" and "Video Presentations" pages of Navigating Maine!


Marketing Options

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Take a look inside the Town Planner of Maine!
Take a look inside the Town Planner of Maine!

Why the Town Planner Over Other Media?

  • Maximum exposure for your advertising dollar
  • Focal point for family activity
  • High visibility and exposure
  • Exclusivity Available
  • On display EVERY DAY ALL DAY!
  • Cost effective
  • Room for personal appointments
  • Targeted distribution
  • Magazine quality
  • Inserts available
  • Direct mailed
  • Co-op opportunities
  • Display advertising
  • Additional web exposure
  • Reach in excess of 75,000 households annually
  • New Neighbors (move-in) program
  • Staying power!
  • Matches any decor
  • Coupons
  • Community events
  • School activities
  • Community Value
  • Recycling schedule
  • Business directory
  • Fullsize, Full color!
  • Community & Emergency phone numbers

The Town Planner Achieves 10 Media Advantages in One Product:

  1. Value of the Yellow Pages
  2. Target ability of Direct Mail
  3. Glossy look of a Magazine
  4. Constant exposure of a Daily Paper
  5. Local appeal of a Regional Paper
  6. Visibility of a Billboard
  7. Appreciation of an Ad Specialty Promotional Product
  8. Involvement of a Community Newspaper
  9. Repetition of Broadcast
  10. Value of a Coupon Mailer








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