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Town Planner of Maine

Town Planner of Maine helps Keeping Maine Organized and Informed Year Round by mailing FREE to households in various communities throughout Maine a Full-size, Full-color Annual Community Wall Calendar containing numerous events, activities and functions that are happening throughout Maine Communities. The Town Planner may contain Emergency and Crisis Telephone Numbers, School and Worship Directories, and Heart Attack/Stroke Warning Signs, among other types of information. Updates or changes to listed events can then be made online via the Town Planner Event Submission Form. The Town Planner of Maine is a wonderful publication through which Maine Businesses, Educational Systems, and Non-Profits can demonstrate for 365 days of the year their appreciation and gratefulness to their customer for their loyalty and patronage! What better publication medium to utilize in order to show YOUR customers that YOU care and appreciate them every day, all day, all year!!!! Let’s face it – Without THEM, our customers, there would be no YOU – no US!!







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