Welcome to Navigating Maine

Navigating Maine is a community website permitting people to learn from each other, about each other, and to interact with one another in order to help one another.

The site contains local and world news, weather reports, current and past (archival info.) on community activities and events, in addition to a multitude of articles and information on various family topics.

Navigating Maine also contains local interactive community forums encouraging discourse & debate on new ideas and topics of choice for discussion. Included in the forums, from time to time, will be live sessions where members of the community can discuss topics with an individual in that field (mechanics, bankers, teachers, accountants, etc.). This live question and answer will be made available under "Up Coming Online Discussions".

Another fine feature of Navigating Maine is Mainely Maine. Here, businesses from around the state can advertise with weekly fliers, coupons, real estate showcases, and so on. This gives visitors and additional place for one-stop-shopping in addition to our marketplace.

There are "How To" tutorials and discussions on hobbies such as gardening, landscaping, carpentry, home repairs, sewing, etc.  Education tutorials, essay writing, math/science problem-solving competitions, art competitions, and photo submission competitions are also included.  In addition, classified ads and live auctions are available for your shopping experience.