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Skuola Screenshot Piece -Most businesses will get 80% of their sales from 20% of their customers. Know exactly who those 20% are and aim your advertising to that segment. Research is a vital part of your marketing plan. Your effort should produce answers to who your prospects are, and where, why, when, and how they are converted into active buyers. As your business grows, prepare a strategic marketing plan looking at how your product or service will meet the long-term needs of your customers. Dramatically increase your odds for a Direct Marketing response by including a self-addressed, stamped or postage paid envelope

-Please your customers by knowing what they'll appreciate before they know it. Win over new customers by accurately anticipating your competitor's service capabilities and strategies, and then beating them to the punch. There's not a market leader in any business that can keep its position by being complacent. Look ahead, to see what your customers will want in the future. Then plan a strategy to deliver it to them before anyone else in the market place.

Big Marketing for Maine

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Branding, Top-Minded Marketing Awareness, and Traffic Building are all important concepts that are necessary to create corporate image, to improve visibility, and to differentiate clients from the competition, resulting into an increase in sales and gain in market share. Although strategic marketing plans and programs are comprised of many facets such as Market Research, Market Development, Channel Development, Product Marketing, Corporate Image Marketing, Sales Presentations, Direct Marketing, and Internet Marketing, LLG Consultants pride themselves in being experts in Public Relations Management, Print Designs, Direct Marketing, and Specialty Business Marketing. With LLG Consultants, YOU get much more than marketing services or products, rather, YOU GET EXPERIENCE and a FULL-SERVICE MARKETING PARTNER that will help YOU grow, re-direct, or maintain YOUR business. SUCCESS IS YOURS TO HAVE – JUST TURN TO US FOR ALL YOUR MARKETING AND PROMOTIONAL NEEDS!