Marketing Tip::

-The best prospects on any consumer list are those who make frequent purchases in significant amounts. Identifiable by computer search, they fit into the RFM formula: Recency of purchase, Frequency of purchase, and Monetary value of purchase. The RFM formula works best when mail-order catalog houses assign points in each of the three RFM categories. To avoid waste circulation, points are assigned in each category and catalogs are then mailed only to those who get the most points and are deemed the most likely to buy again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please help us not only expedite your request but also ensure the highest quality by checking the items in this section. It is very important that graphics that are submitted are of the highest standard. If you have any qustions please contact us at

What type of files do you accept?

Since the creation process involves a positive/negative process, we work with vector images. A vector image is defined by lines, curves, and fills as opposed to regular images consisting of pixels and/or halftones. Both Adobe Illustrator® and Adobe Acrobat® files (.pdf and .eps) both are examples of vector image files.

Can I print photographic or 4 color artwork?

We can use 4 color artwork, but the process varies from vector based images, so please contact us for details.

How do I get my files to you?

You may submit your smaller files via email at or you may use our ftp sitefor larger files. Instructions for using our ftp site will be given to you at the time of order.

What colors can I use?

Even though the generic colors that your software or design specifies might look perfect on your monitor, all monitors display differently, so using a standard method to designate colors is essential. To insure consistency for all orders, LLG Consultants uses the Pantone Matching System. Provide us with your color selection and we will match printed ink and thread to your selection. You can reference the Pantone Matching System (PMS#) chart for your color selection.