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About Us...

We are a full service Business, Marketing and Publishing Company offering a multitude of services and products “physically” and online. We also see ourselves as facilitators through which other Businesses and Communities come together in solving each other’s problems for the common good.

Even our Logo of a single white Dolphin and two grey dolphins facing each other as they jump towards the light symbolizes our philosophy. Dolphins are often considered to be amongst the most intelligent of animals; hence – the white dolphin in our Logo symbolizing the “Business World”. Dolphins are also considered to be very social and friendly creatures demonstrating various sorts of cultural behaviors; hence – the grey adult and baby dolphins in our Logo representing our “Maine Communities” comprised of individuals and families. The white dolphin and grey dolphins come together by swimming towards the light (sun / moon), best described, in this context, as The “Business World” and our “Maine Communities” coming together through LLG – L.L. Gilbert & Associates, Inc.

L.L. Gilbert & Associates, Inc.’s overall Mission is to Steer Maine Businesses and Communities Towards a More Dynamic Economy. We believe our Mission may be accomplished through our publications, our services, our products, and sponsorships of programs that enrich Maine communities, our network of providers, and our online divisions or programs. Each Division (Town Planner of Maine, LLGME Hosting, Navigating Maine, and LLG Consultants) contributes its own unique products and services, thus EACH plays a critical role in achieving and accomplishing our overall Mission.